Keynote Speakers

Chin-Chung Tsai
Editor, International Journal of Science Education
Co-Editor, Computers & Education
Dean, School of Learning Informatics, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Head, Program of Learning Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Director, Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
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Speech title: The Role of Design and Creative Thinking in STEM Education

Lei Bao
Professor, Department of Physics, The Ohio State University, USA
Science: Learning and Scientific Reasoning”, Bao et al., 323-5914, 586-587, 01/30/2009.
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Speech title: Towards a Modeling Framework for Assessment of Scientific Reasoning

Hanno van Keulen
Editor-Chief, European Joural of STEM Education
Professor in Leadership in Education at Windesheim Flevoland
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Speech title: A Curriculum for STEM Literacy from Early Childhood to University Education

Hironori Washizaki
Section Editor of STEM Education, Education Sciences
Associate Dean, Research Promotion Division, WASEDA University, Japan
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Speech title: Rubric-based Assessment of Programming Thinking Skills and Comparative Evaluation of Introductory Programming Environments

Chatree Faikhamta
Associate Professor, Department of Education,
Kasetsart University, Thailand
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Speech title: Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Modeling Practices in STEM Activities